Community Guidelines

First thing first, we believe in developing and growing together. As we already mentioned we are not a group or a club, we are a community of awesome people who loves to code, debug and party together!

We don't care in which year you are, if you have the potential and calibre and just want to channelize it, then indeed you are at the right place.

We don't promote any kind of ragging and abusing. We deal with these with zero tolerance.

Active participation in groups is always welcomed and required for growth but refrain from direct messaging to people whom you don't know beyond the community handles.

One should strictly refrain from any kind of abusiveness on community handles. Keep your conversation professional and formal.

One should not promote any false information with reference of our community, failing to which might lead warnings & more.

We keep a close eye over the net so refrain from false description of your identity, any discripancy in identity will not be entertained.

Feel free to ask anything if you need help with other technologies too. There might be someone who can help you!