Do I need to be a CS/IT student to join?

No. This club is open to all undergraduate or graduate students, regardless of major.

How can I join GDSC KIET?

If you're interested in participating in events, leading workshops, or volunteering with DSC KIET, please fill out the sign up form or email us at dsckiet@gmail.com!

Do I need to pay a membership fee to join?

No. All workshops, meetups, talks, and any other events are free to attend.

What should I bring when attending a workshop?

We recommend you bring a notebook, pen, and a laptop when attending a workshop, but most importantly a strong dose of curiosity and enthusiasm.

Can a student with primary or no knowledge of programming join the community?

DSC is a community to support you in learning, so if you have the dedication to learn you have it all, and we welcome you to our community.